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Me: I don't like politics.

You: Politics is important! It's the most important thing.

Me: meh

You: There's no such thing as not liking politics. Politics is everything.

Me: I disagree.

You: Why? How?

Me: Politics is this thing I have little control over. It has influence in my life much like the sun does too. I may study the sun, just for the sake of it. Politics is too dull, the sun is interesting at least -- from a technical perspective.

You: Politics aren't dull! That's your opinion!

Me: Exactly.

You: So you agree with me?

Me: Sure... If that makes you feel better.

You: So you are against issue #7?!

Me: Yes, it affects me negatively.

You: If #7 is forbidden, then we'll never have this and that.

Me: I don't think it must be forbidden, I simply don't sympathize with it.

You: I do! I think that's the best way to get X.

Me: There are better ways... That's the way some people found. It's not canonical. It's obviously not the best way if we could change every bit of society. But we can't change almost anything.

You: If everyone thought that way, nothing would ever change!

Me: Things change, don't worry.

You: You're egocentric!

Me: meh. Doubt it

You: That's too individualist of you!

Me: Somewhat, I'm sure.

You: Things aren't so simple.

Me: I'm a country boy.

You: Do you think issue #33 should be forbidden?

Me: No.

You: Why not?! That potentially allows for this very harmful act!

Me: I'm against that act. I'm not completely sure it should be forbidden, either. That's a thinker.

You: You're an anarchist!

Me: I don't know...


Me: Ok. This is tiring.